Viernes 3th- 10.30pm.


Bop Pills


Tickes 12€ one drink incl. 

Saturday 4th - 10.30pm.  

Tina & Joe      
"Motown Music "

Tickets 12€ one drink incl 
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Friday 10th - 10.30pm.  

Joan Pau Cumellas &

Miguel Talavera    

Tickets 12€ one drink incl.   more info.

Saturday 11th - 10.30pm.



"Folk - Rock - Blues""

Tickes 12€ one drink incl.       

Friday 17th- 22.30h.  


Tickets 12€ one drink incl.

Saturday 18th- 10.30pm.        

Tickets 12€ bebida incl.

Friday 24th - 10.30pm.



"Folk - Jazz"

Tickets 12€ one drink incl.    more info.

Dinner Bookings Tel: 93 451 50 43 

English Pub Barcelona - - Calle Mallorca 204 - Barcelona 08036


Live Music

Friday and Saturdays we have suppers with live music. You may dine or just have a drink in an intimate and pleasant atmosphere.  The lounge has one of the best acoustic sounds that you can find around to listen to live music, one more reasons for which this place is considered to be one of the best venues to enjoy music. The concerts begin 10.30pm. and are divided into two parts with a break of 15 minutes, for those who wish to have supper it is  advisable to reserve a table through our Web page or by telephone.  If you only wish to attend the concert, it is not necessary to reserve table, a ticket which includes one drink can be bought on arrival. Tickets are available from 10 p.m. at the entrance to the concert area