Friday 2nd
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Sáturday 3rd

CRAWFISH (Rockabilly)
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Tickets one incl. 12€

Fridays and Saturdays
we have live music, where you can come to dine or have a tranquil drink in an intimate and agreeable ambience.

One of the places with the best acoustics you can find to listen to live music, which is the reason why some of the most important musicians and singers have considered this to be one of the best venues to play.

The music begins at around 10.30pm and if you wish to dine you may just come along or if you prefer you may book your table by telephone. We have kitchen service available all day until 11.30pm.

Dinner Bookings Tel: 93 451 50 43 

English Pub Barcelona - - Calle Mallorca 204 - Barcelona 08036